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Pay less for the products you want

Not only can we save you money on the products you want, we can save you the time looking for them! Imagine you’ve found the product you want but now you have to find it at the right price. That’s where wecome in: leave us to hunt for the best deal for you! With instant alerts on deals and offers, you could find your deal much quicker too.

Haven’t got to time to waste looking for money off deals?

We know that your priority is finding the best deals on the brands you love. From furniture to sportswear and electronics, you really don’t want to pay more than you need to. The drawback is trying to find the right deal and having to sift through all the different deals, coupons, discounts and promotions out there can be a real time thief! How often have you searched for a deal then only to find that the coupon code doesn’t work in the shop or online? Our service can help and can spare your blushes!

Sockable delivers fast, easy access to your discounts

Our tech team have worked hard to develop the latest software so that we can hunt for deals and discounts on the products that YOU want to buy. Update your wish list and we will tailor the offers to what you want to buy. So, if you’re looking for the latest make up, for instance, then your offers will just show you the big discounts on the brands you love. Everything is tailored to your preferences that you set up when you register.

Be ready to grab a bargain at any time

As Sockable is always looking for the best discounts and deals on your behalf, you can get on with other things secure in the knowledge that we will send you the suitable money saving deals. We will always send you valid codes, so no disappointment when you get to the checkout. If you’re a premium member, our service extends to notifications when you are out on the High Street to nearby deals so you can always get the best one. Our online notifications will allow you to enjoy up to 50% off your favourite items.

Tell me more about the registration process

When you register with us, you will be asked all about your shopping preferences, so that we can send you information only on the deals on the products you ask for. Once we have that information, our software will track down the promotions, discounts and coupons on the items that you want. Our complex algorithms will drill down to the find the right offers just for you. Think of the time you will save!

We can help solve the problem of which money saving offer is bestEver been faced with the dilemma of which money saving offer is best? If there are several offers relating to one product, we can help you decide if its best to accept the 50% discount or a lower discount but with other added benefits. Our software will examine what will work best for you and what will give you the best value! We really have thought of everything...

Take advantage of our tech to save you hundred of pounds each year

Our cutting-edge technology gets you the discounts you need when youneed them. Our system is simple, straight-forward and offers genuine discounts on the items you want. Save up to 50% on a wide range of online items with our email notifications. If you’ve signed up for our premium service, we’ll send you alerts about deals or discounts at a store near you, if you’re on your travels. Always pay less than you would expect by registering with Sockable . It’s free to register and quick and easy to set up. Get ready to enjoy the thrill of bargain hunting with email notifications or by alerts to your phone. It’s up to you how you choose our to receive our service but we help you save money wherever you are and however you choose.